4 Ways to Use Mockups for More Sales

If you have landed on this page, it’s probably because you are an online product shop that relies on using mockups to showcase your products.

Maybe you are a print on demand store where you use a website like Printful to fulfill your orders and don’t have product on hand or maybe you’re a new shop who doesn’t have the capital to hire a photographer to take professional product photos.

Whichever category you are in you know that mockups are awesome but you may be confused on how exactly you can use them in other ways besides in your shop.

If you’re using mockups, then you are probably using them to showcase your awesome t-shirt designs in your online shop so it can look more cohesive and professional but did you know that you can use mockups in other ways too?

Today, i’m sharing 4 ways you can use mockups besides just your website.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is such a powerful tool. Platforms like Etsy, Instagram & Facebook are great for making sales but nothing beats having your own email list of potential customers you can market to whenever you want.

Use mock-ups in your emails to let your customers know about new products, current products or sales coming up. People respond very well when there is an image attached to an email so open up Canva and create an eye catching design with a few mockups to pop into your email.


Social Media

Use mockups on Instagram or Facebook to show your followers what you are selling. Using social media is an excellent way to market your business (for free) and get your brand in front of more people so that you can make more sales. Make sure you use mockups in a way that makes your feed appealing.

Remember, no one wants to always be sold to so consider spacing out your mockup images so they arn’t right next to each other. Also consider using different types of mockups images like flat lay images and model mockups to keep your feed interesting.

Do this:

from Little Mama Shirt Shop

Not this:

If you need mockup images to transform your social media page, you can find hundreds in my Etsy shop here.

Website Banners

Another way to use mockups is on your website banner. This area is great to display your products and tell your customers what is going on in your shop.

This is the first thing that your customer see’s when they come to your website, either it be on Etsy or your own website so make it stand out.



Running ad’s is not necessary but if you do decide to use them, mockups are a great place to add them.

Here a few tips when creating FB ads:

  • Test a flay lat image and a model mockup (see which one does better for your audience)
  • Use an image that is eye catching (bright colors)
  • Keep the copy short and not “sales-y” Add copy that sounds more like a conversation starter instead of an ad.

For done for you FB ad’s visit my friend, Melissa over at Litchfield Media

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