9 Ideas to Post on Instagram for Product Based Businesses

I get this question a lot on Instagram without fail. Figuring out what to post on social media if you’re a product based business can be a daunting task especially when you have a thousand experts telling you different things. It can get very confusing so I put together 9 different ideas to post on Instagram for max sales and engagement.

A lot of the information you will find on the internet is geared more towards the service based industry (like graphic designers, photographers & fitness coaches) which can make it a little difficult to understand for the people that sell a physical product on Etsy or through their own website.

What you post on Instagram is extremely important & it isn’t quite as easy as just posting your products. Followers get tired of always being sold to so you must break up your feed a little bit to keep them engaged and stick around.

I made social media really hard at the beginning but it doesn’t have to be. With a little brainstorming you will have the perfect feed in no time.

Before I share 9 ideas to post on Instagram, ask yourself two questions:

  1. What does my customer want to see from me?
  2. What would make my customer buy from me?

Let dive in…

Behind the Scenes

People love to see this kind of content because we are nosey (in the best way possible!) They want to know what is going down in your business. Show the less curated parts of your business here to really show people that you’re a real person.

A selfie or photo of you (the business owner)

Your followers want to know who YOU are. Humans like to buy from humans not robots. Showing your face really humanizes your brand and takes your followers trust to a new level.

Your process

Share how you design your products, what shirts you use, how you print things, etc. When you do this, not only will you inspire people but you will also gain trust from people who were on the fence about buying from you.

A quote

Share a quote that your audience will resonate with. My audience really liked shopping at Target so I would randomly share Target quotes for a quick laugh. Not only is it entertaining but it increases your chance of people sharing your post to their story. #freemarketing

Your products

You’re still a business that sells things so you must still post about your products. If you don’t then your audience wont know what you sell.

A recent review

Did a customer leave an awesome review? Open up Canva and make a graphic to post to your IG feed. This will give you credibility and remind people why they should buy from you.

User generated content

Encourage your customers to tag you on Instagram when they receive their shirt in the mail or when they wear it that way you can repost them. Followers love to see that other people are buying from you. It increases that know, like and trust factor.


Post a photo here that is spark some emotion in your ideal customer. For example if you sell baseball shirts, post a photo of the ballpark or ballpark food. This sparks excitement and emotion in your ideal customer and makes them realize that they need to buy your product.

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