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3 Mistakes T-Shirt Shops Make on IG

Let’s face it, social media is confusing to figure out. With all the gurus out there all telling you different things, it’s hard to figure out what is best for your business.

I’ve put together the top 3 mistakes I see t-shirt shops making on Instagram and they are:

1. Focusing on the wrong things. ⁠

I know how excited you are to start growing your business right now but there are a few things you need to have figured out before you can grow your following with real customers.

The first thing you should focus on is finding your niche. If you don’t have one then you are spinning your wheels and will eventually get nowhere. I see countless online shops completely miss this step and then they wonder why they arn’t making sales through Instagram. You need to get step 1 down before you can move on if you want to be successful at selling on Instagram.

Since I get this question all the time, i’ve put together a free guide that you can download so you can learn more about why a niche is important and how to find it for your business. You can download it here.

2. Not having a plan.⁠

If you’re anything like me, you NEED to have a plan otherwise your mind takes over and you start doing 500 things at once and get so overwhelmed that you end up doing nothing. Be honest… how many tabs do you have open on your laptop right now?

You must know what you are doing each week that will move your business forward. Focus on one thing and master that before you move on to anything else. If you want to show on Instagram stories, for example but don’t know where to start, focus all your attention on there and learn everything you can about IG stories.

3. Posting what YOU want to post instead of what your customers want to see.

Focus on what your customers want to see instead of what YOU want to see. You need to remember that we (the business owner) are not the ones buying our products so we need to stop posting about what we like.

We need to get inside the head of our ideal customer and post things that they want to see from you. I like to use my (former) t-shirt shop for example. I used to sell t-shirts for women who loved baseball.

I myself wasn’t a die hard sports fan but I would post things on my IG feed and in IG stories that I knew my ideal customer would interact with. Since the majority of my customers were die hard baseball fans, I would post things like baseball memes, different stadiums, ballpark food and quotes that resonated with them along with the products I was selling of course.

Not only did this sky rocket my engagement rate but it made people excited to buy my products because they felt like they could trust me.

Want more? Take a peek at my all new E-book where I dive into the exact strategies I used to sell $200k worth of t-shirts on Instagram.

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